About us

Kolaż o nas

As an independent company we have been present on the market since 2014 but our experience in the furniture industry is much longer. We are a team of professionals devoted to the job we do, really interested in providing the best service. Well-qualified workers and management are the foundation we can build upon our position on the market.

Our basic activity is sewing upholstery – we cut fabric by ourselves or work on pieces cut by the customer. Moreover, we have experience in making furniture from our own material (sofas, armchairs, chaises longues).

A professional approach to our customers and their requirements assures our position on the market. We are eager to listen to needs of our clients. And besides, a proactive attitude enables us to respond to vague expectations and to avoid difficulties before they appear.

Our characteristics are high quality of products and on time delivery. We gather only operating at our best we can meet our customers’ expectations.

From the very beginning we’ve been present on the British market where we provide upholstery. We are especially proud of recognition we attained in the British Isles. That success allows us to look optimistically into the future. Our location in the heart of Europe guarantees a quick and stable connection with Western Europe.

What we do